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Gramy swoje, po studencku!


In search of the best places to satisfy “student hunger,” we visited the Institute of Psychology at NCU, located in the well-known forest behind the Faculty of Theology. Apart from a purr-fect welcome by the iconic cat, Balbinka, we were welcomed by the aroma of homemade food emanating from the kitchen of the new student bar, PYRA.

[Photo by Julia Trojanowska]

PYRA is located to the left of the main entrance. The decor mainly consists of white, gray, green, and eye-catching orange colors. Of course, there is always a seat for a hungry student; the bar is incredibly spacious. One of the more interesting elements of the decor is a wallpaper depicting the institute from a bird’s eye view. The hanging plants from the ceiling also add character to this place.

[The Interior of PYRA Bar. Photo by Julia Trojanowska]

When ordering, one can chat with the friendly staff, who immediately set to preparing our dishes. In the kitchen, there are sounds of meat being tenderized and vegetables being freshly chopped. An interesting feature of PYRA is its diverse menu, which changes regularly. As a result, students can explore new flavors and not get tired of the same dishes. This place makes us feel like home.

[Hungarian soup. Photo by Julia Trojanowska]

Money, money, money, must be… yummy?

An important aspect of student life is managing their budget. At PYRA, prices are reasonable, especially when considering the quality, freshness, and friendly atmosphere there. Even if we prefer bringing our own food to spending money on lunch in the bar, there is a microwave for heating meals and a kettle for making takeaway tea.

[The frugal corner. Photo by Julia Trojanowska]

The way to students’ hearts is through their stomachs

We conducted a survey among students of the Institute of Psychology and Cognitive Science, in which they revealed their opinions about the student bar PYRA. What do students think about PYRA?

There are students who eat at PYRA every day. If they do not eat proper meals, most of the students go for popular PYRA toasts and sandwiches. What distinguishes PYRA from other student bars is the irreplaceable taste of all meals and short queues. The students also appreciate that there are new meals offered every day without exorbitant prices.

Polish version of the article by Julia Trojanowska here.