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No longer abandoned – new parking spots for electric scooters

The problem of abandoned electric scooters has been solved. Portal UMK reports that NCU and Bolt created 12 parking spots where students can now leave their scooters after use. The collaboration comes after citizens’ multiple complaints about the chaos of scooters laying lonely on the streets.

Where can we find the new parking places?

Students can safely park their scooters on the campus and at other NCU faculties:

  • Rectorate – Gagarina 11,
  • University Library – Gagarina 13,
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management – Gagarina 13a,
  • Faculty of Law and Administration –  Bojarskiego 3,
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management – Lwowska 1,
  • University Sports Centre – Gagarina 35,
  • Faculty of Theology – Gagarina 37,
  • Student House no. 10 – Gagarina 27,
  • University Hotel – Szosa Chełmińska 83A,
  • Faculty of Political Science and Security – Batorego 39L,
  • Faculty of Fine Arts – Sienkiewicza 30/32,
  • Faculty of Fine Arts – Szosa Bydgoska 50/56.

Before driving, however…


The rules still apply. If there are none parking spots nearby, remember that you are allowed to leave your scooter in a non-designated place, but it has to be close to the outer edge of the pavement furthest from the road. Do not forget to leave 1.5m for pedestrian movement!

Here is a reminder from Portal UMK of other important rules of using electric scooters:

  • The maximum speed at which an electric scooter can travel on the University Campus is 15km/h.
  • The use of a helmet while riding is highly recommended.
  • Mobile phone use is not allowed while riding the scooter, riding with headphones is also prohibited.
  • No persons (riding alone only), luggage (e.g., suitcases) or animals may be transported on the scooter.
  • You must ride an electric scooter on bike lanes or, if there are no bike lanes, on the road if there is a 30 km/h speed limit.
  • If there is no bike lane or road with a speed limit of 30km/h – users can ride on the pavement, but must adjust their speed to pedestrians.
  • Get off the scooter at a pedestrian crossing.
  • Before renting a scooter, you should carefully verify its operability.

So, if you have had nightmares about tripping over an abandoned scooter, fear no more. Pick your electric companion up and keep driving safely!

[Cover photo: Andrzej Romański, Portal UMK]