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How does the AZS NCU operate?

AZS NCU (Academic Sports Society of Nicolaus Copernicus University) is a sports club run by the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. It is a part of a larger network of academic sports societies that all function under the AZS’s agenda.

Created in 1946, the club successfully operates to this day. Nowadays, it runs a multitude of sports programs and supports a variety of sports teams. Many representatives of the AZS have achieved success both on a national and international stage. The most recent achievements of the AZS athletes are the silver medal of the Tokyo Olympics scored by a rower, Katarzyna Zillmann, in the rowing double fours division and the latest success of our female basketball player, Aleksandra Pszczolarska, who joined the national team and helped it score a silver medal at the U23 European Championships in the 3×3 basketball division.

28.07.2021 Tokyo. The female rowing double fours, Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska, Marta Wieliczko, Maria Sajdak, and Katarzyna Zillmann, won a silver medal at the Tokyo Olimpics Fot . Kuba Atys / Agencja Gazeta

Dual Career Program – what is it?

The NCU runs a program called „Student-athlete a Dual Career”. This initiative enables new candidates to choose a special mode of study that provides them with the possibility of optimal academic and athletic development. It also aims to simplify the recruitment procedure for students who already have significant sports achievements. These candidates are automatically awarded the maximum number of points in the qualifying stage.


During the learning process, athletes that benefit from the Double Career Program can also expect many conveniences. Firstly, the sportspeople can opt to follow an individual study plan. Secondly, in the event of increased training intensity leading to serious championships, the program’s beneficiary, who also has a recorded history of success, can apply for a short-term or long-term sports break. Education can take a backseat in this period and give way to training and regeneration. The athlete is, of course, required to make up for the gap in his or hers studies after the break has ended.

The website of the University Sports Center says:

“The aim of the Program is to provide athletes with the best conditions for developing their sports careers and academic education.
The Program provides a flexible approach to studying, and above all, it supports proper management and planning of a sporting career harmoniously combined with university education.
We want the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń to become a natural choice for the talented youth not only in the sphere of education, but also in the sphere of sports.”

What sports teams function in AZS NCU?

Among the many sports teams that operate under the AZS NCU umbrella, students can choose to take part in the most popular sports, like volleyball, soccer (indoors and outdoors), athletics, and swimming. However, more niche and new sports are also represented in the Academic Sports Society of the Nicolaus Copernicus University. One of these teams is the NCU Korfball Team. Korfball is a Dutch sport that resembles basketball in terms of the way in which points are scored. Another, very young, team in the AZS family is the NCU Powerlifting Team. It is worth mentioning that the AZS NCU is a project still in development, and the possibility of the rise of new teams still exists. You can find the list with all the teams here.

NCU Krofball Team during the Second University Krofball Tournament in Toruń Fot.:
NCU Powerlifting Team during Poland’s Academic Championships in Katowice Fot.:

The facilities of AZS NCU

The Academic Sports Society of Nicolaus Copernicus University commands a variety of different sports venues. The biggest and newest of them is the University Sports Center (UCS). This building offers a vast array of development possibilities for NCU students. It contains volleyball courts, pools, fitness rooms, and much more. The facility also serves as the physical seat of the AZS NCU. Club also has a second location. It is older academic gym on Gagarina Street. It is available several days a week for free to members of the AZS NCU. The schedule of the gym changes depending on the academic year due to the PE classes conducted in the building.

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