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Academic journey across Europe with YUFE

A lot of UMK students are already familiar with the fairly popular Erasmus+ exchange programme. Some of us, however, might be surprised to hear that it is not the only choice. Take a look at our university’s other offer called YUFE Student Journey.

What is it?

YUFE (The Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Student Journey is a student programme that gives European students an opportunity to sign up for various academic courses from those available at 9 partner universities. Students can attend them either online or in person.

The idea was born thanks to the French president Emmanuel Macron and then turned into a real alliance of 17 universities by the European Commission in 2019. According to the official YUFE site, the main purpose of YUFE is to promote European identity and make European education more inclusive.

Here is the list of the universities that are YUFE members:

And of course, Nicolaus Copernicus University.

How does it work?

If you decide to apply, you will be able to enrol on different classes and take part in them online. You can choose as many courses as you want from those offered at YUFE universities across Europe. You are encouraged to prepare a timetable suitable to your own interests.

What is so special about YUFE in particular is the fact that you don’t need to move to another country in order to be present at the course that you decide to pick. It is a great opportunity, because you can study in a different language in the comfort of your own home. After you finish the first semester, you can then apply to continue your academic journey at one of the YUFE universities in the country of your choice!

Is the registration open now?

If you are interested in the YUFE Student Journey programme, you can still apply until November 3rd.

Find more information here and on the official YUFE site.

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