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Fitness Competitions in and around Toruń in 2023

It is a widely known fact that Toruń and its neighboring city, Bydgoszcz, are heavily involved in a variety of sports. Many common sports events, like marathons and numerous runs, can be encountered in both cities; however, an enormous amount of smaller or less mainstream competitions are also organized there. A number of these athletic events are bound to be organized in 2023.

Terenowa Masakra  

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An event for those for whom running is not as much of a challenge anymore, Terenowa Masakra is an obstacle course run (OCR) that has been taking place in Myślęcinek, Bydgoszcz, for more than 10 years. It is a sweaty, wet, and muddy experience that might prove unpleasant for some. On the other hand, for the majority of debutants, it turns out to be a dopamine-releasing adventure.

[Fot.: Materiały Organizatora/Terenowa Masakra]

The trail comes in a variety of distances, ranging from 3 km up to 10 km. The amount of kilometers might not seem challenging for an experienced runner. However, an OCR is not only about running. On the way, participants will encounter numerous obstacles. These contain mudholes, walls, and ropes that need to be climbed. Fortunately, competitors are not alone on that path. A volunteer is stationed alongside every obstacle. But also, it is a common practice is to run in groups.

“I treat every start in Terenowa Masakra as a fun experience. Obstacle runs are not my main interest, but I participate in every edition with a big team from our club, and I treat it as a great social experience”, said Iwona Bartoszyńska-Fic, participant of many previous Terenowa Masakra obstacle runs and coach at CrossFox Polna Toruń.

Moreover, Terenowa Masakra is not only a sports competition. It is also a fully fledged festival with lots of food stands and music. Supporters and families of the runners can be occupied with these while their close ones brave the forests of Myślęcinek. The next edition is planned for June 10th.

“I think that no special preparation is required before debuting in Terenowa Masakra. Participants who run regularly will feel more comfortable for sure, and a strong grip comes in handy as well as some general fitness, however, this is still the most beginner friendly obstacle run I know. There are no penalties for not completing obstacles on the trail, and if there are any they are rather symbolic and the participants are very positive and helpful. I think that Terenowa Masakra is ideal for anyone who picks up an interest in OCRs”, Bartoszyńska-Fic said.


[Fot.: Materiały Organizatora/StorMeet]

StorMeet is a relatively new fitness event that originated in the town of Grudziądz in 2022 and has been spreading around the region since. What started as a small endurance challenge in one of many gyms in a small town has evolved into a full fledged sports event. The first edition of the StorMeet Championship attracted more than 100 participants.

What is StorMeet

It is hard to really define the competition as the formula constantly changes. Typically, a number of functional exercises are encountered by the athletes that decide to take part. Running is also a key element of those competitions. The structure, however, is always simple: seven functional exercises selected from a variety of possible movements are arranged in a single, huge workout and separated by 1km running sessions. The major events, called StorMeet Championships, are planned to be held annually, with the next one planned for the latter part of 2023.

[Fot.: Materiały Organizatora/StorMeet]

As of now, a series of events named the StorMeet Training Tour are planned to be organized in various fitness clubs all around Poland. These are smaller events that anyone can attend for free. They serve mainly as advertisements for StorMeet. The first of those smaller events have already been organized in Toruń at Training Port fitness club. There are possibly two more happening in other gyms in the city. These free events are not necessarily structured in the same way as championships. For example, the latest workout did not contain any form of running. It was focused around a variety of functional exercises.

StorMeet aims to attract people who are already acquainted with endurance sports, such as running, CrossFit, or cycling. Consequently, it is advised to visit one of the free Training Tour events in order to check whether an athlete is up for the challenge.

Envio Beach City Games

[Fot.: Materiały Organizatora/Beach City Games]

A competition known by most of the Polish CrossFit scene, Envio Beach City Games is held at Myślęcinek, Bydgoszcz. It is aimed at advanced athletes and puts them against a series of endurance, strength, and overall fitness trials. One such athlete is Iwona Bartoszyńska-Fic, a CrossFit competitor with several years of experience, a coach in CrossFox Polna Toruń and a regular competitor at Envio Beach City Games. When asked about the event she replied:

“I took part in the Envio Beach City Games three times. Every edition is well organized. The workouts always happen as planned and they are designed in such a manner so the participants are tested in every aspect of their fitness: endurance, strength and gymnastic abilities”, Iwona Bartoszyńska-Fic said.

What is the formula of the competition?

The formula is similar to the one employed by the American CrossFit Games. The show lasts for several days throughout which the athletes are asked to perform various feats of fitness. These include: long distance swimming, weightlifting, or exhaustive running sessions. Commonly these movements are performed right after each other, making it an even more challenging sports competition. The event attracts top athletes, both male and female, from a variety of gyms in Poland making it a true spectacle.

“I will try to qualify for the next edition of the Envio Beach City Games for sure, because I consider that competition to be one of the most interesting in the country; this is where the top level athletes of polish CrossFit scene are always present, and competing against these people or even just observing them as they work is pure joy”, Bartoszyńska-Fic said.

When will the next competition be held?

Envio Beach City Games had been held four times, with the fifth edition planned to begin on August 18 and end on August 20, 2023.

[Fot.: Materiały Organizatorów/Terenowa Masakra, StorMeet and Beach City Games]