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How to: public transport tickets in Toruń?

Acquiring tickets for public transportation is one of the key things that a university student is confronted with daily. However, doing that in a new city, especially in a new country, might be a daunting task. Fortunately, Toruń allows for a variety of methods that you can utilize to buy your ticket.

Ticket machines

A multitude of ticket machines have been installed by MZK in Torun. They can be set to a variety of different languages, such as: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, and German – so no more misunderstandings in kiosks! You can find them on some stops around Toruń. They are also your only option to buy a ticket after stepping into the bus or tram. Some of these ticket machines only accept coins. It’s therefore a good idea to keep spare change in your pockets, if you rely on this buying method. Remember that you ALWAYS have to validate the paper tickets bought in these machines! Validators are typically located next to the bus’s or trams’ doors.

Fot.: Miłosz Zieliński

Mobile Apps

Several apps are available in the mobile app stores. One of these is moBiLET. It allows you to buy digital tickets for every form of public transport in the city (and conveniently many more Polish cities, if you like to travel around the country). Users of that service are provided with a digital prepaid wallet. You can also pair your debit card with the program and pay as you go. You can also buy long-term tickets there. It is available in English and German. Other applications include: SkyCash, mPay.



Several ticket outlets are available around Toruń. You can also buy various long-term tickets at these locations. You can find the list of all the locations that offer tickets below:

Source: www.toruń.pl

We hope that from now on there will not be any confusion as to where and how to buy tickets in Toruń.

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Authors: Miłosz Zieliński, Piotr Zimmermann